Bottled Water. Manufactured demand?

Anni Leonard has a Chomskian, (read devilish), question. What if the bottled water you are drinking is really not healthy, I mean, health-hazard inducing unhealthy?

Imagine I was trying to sell you a sandwich. It’s shrink wrapped
in plastic that may leach toxic chemicals, but don’t worry about
that. Mine’s still healthier than a sandwich you could make at home,
what with all those impurities in your fridge. Now, I’ve got no proof
of that, and actually, some people have tested my sandwiches and
found that sometimes they have more bad stuff in them than the ones
from your own kitchen. But never mind that. Mine’s more convenient.
Tastes better too. I swear.

So here you go: one plastic-wrapped, waste-producing sandwich that
isn’t any healthier and doesn’t taste any better than the one from
your own kitchen. That’ll be $10,000, please.

That preposterous pitch is the truth behind the marketing
campaigns that turned bottled water into a $5 billion-a-year industry
in the United States alone. Today is World Water Day–a good day to
pause and consider the insanity of a global economy where 1 billion
people lack access to safe drinking water while other people spend
billions on a bottled product that’s no cleaner, harms people and the
environment and costs up to 2,000 times the price of tap water. Read more>>

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