Virtual reality, vrtual pain, real horror

The BBC has an interesting report on the things people agree to do when the cameras are rolling. A French documentary inspired by the famous Milgram experiments carried out at Yale University in 1960 decided to test how far will people go for some money, and for some fame. It turns out pretty far.

A disturbing French TV documentary has tried to demonstrate how well-meaning people can be manipulated into becoming torturers or even executioners. The hugely controversial Game of Death was broadcast in prime-time on a major terrestrial channel, France 2, on Wednesday. It showed 80 people taking part in what they thought was a game show pilot. As it was only a trial, they were told they wouldn’t win anything, but they were given a nominal 40 euro fee. Before the show, they signed contracts agreeing to inflict electric shocks on other contestants. One by one, they were put in a studio resembling the sets of popular game shows. They were then asked to zap a man they believed was another contestant whenever he failed to answer a question correctly – with increasingly powerful shocks of up to 460 volts. Read more>>

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