The things you would do for a friend

After reading Ditord’s post on the vagaries of foreign travel and the things your friends ask you to bring back from overseas I could not but smile. How true. I travel between the United States and Russia and Armenia quite often due to my profession. I am Ph.D. candidate at a Texas university where I also teach on Human rights and Ethnic conflicts and travels to the far corners of the world are a thing of necessity for research, interviewing a vip here, a scholar there, and so on. And nearly every time when my friends and relatives back home find out I am on my way to Armenia I get asked to bring all sorts of things: Ready for the catalogue of things I have been asked to bring? Some wacky, some tacky and some borderline unclassifiable. Among the usual cell phones and digital cameras and books that I get occasional requests to bring to the homeland have also been the following — flat screen TVs, quail eggs to start a paltry business, peanut butter, and baby stroller for twins (this one in Ukraine). So Ditord I know what you are talking about.

  1. See? told ya! :)))))))

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