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Armenian Genocide Museum in DC lawsuit closer to resolution?

McClatchy’s DC bureau blog is reporting on the ongoing “intramural fight” between two rival camps tasked with the establishment of the Armenian Genocide Museum of America and the lawsuit that has effectively slowed down the development of the project.

U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly calls a fight over a proposed Armenian Genocide Museum and Memorial “very bitter and very unfortunate.” Looks like it will stay that way for a while.

On Tuesday, Judge Kollar-Kotelly kept at least part of the ongoing lawsuit alive, though she narrowed it a bit. In two related rulings, here and here, the judge granted some but not all motions to dismiss various claims and counter-claims.

In brief, and we mean brief, the Armenian Assembly of America wants to build the Armenian Genocide Museum and Memorial on the site of an old bank in downtown Washington, D.C. For a time, Gerard R. Cafesjian, formerly executive vice president of West Publishing, and the Cafejian Family Foundation were involved in the effort. Then: bad blood ensued.

The cases are complicated, but the discovery is illuminating.

At one point, for instance, documents show a consultant recommended naming the museum the “Bank of Moral Courage.” This did not go over well. Read more>>

The Bank of Moral Courage? Really? Who came up with the name? Tata? Or was it Boka?