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Fight between friends

Petros Sirinoglu (L) and Turkish PM Erdogan

Well, finally, I mean finally, we now know what happened and what caused the Armenian Genocide! The riddle is solved!

A prominent Turkish-Armenian leader (I don’t know how prominent, just prominent), has apologized to the Turkish PM RT Erdogan for not telling the real numbers of the Armenians residing in Turkey thus causing the PM to cite the wrong numbers in the now infamous BBC interview where the latter threatened to deport illegal Armenian immigrants who had come to Turkey for work. Well, ok, wrong numbers, who doesn’t do that right? We are all bad at math, so who am I to double guess? But get this Kafkaesque twist. So the Turkish PM threatens you with deportation, you come and ask for forgiveness? If this does not remind you of the days of the Sultanate I don’t know what will, forgetting for a second that Erdogan increasingly is using such terms as “my people,” “my Turkish people,” usage that resembles the days of the Ottoman Sultans who spoke of their Muslim subjects as “my people”  and non Muslim subjects as rayahs, or sheep, or cattle, basically as grazing and, by and large, leaderless animals, whose “prominent leaders” such as the very dear rayah Sirinoglu were always standing by ready to bow and ask for forgiveness from the “dear leader.” One thing about the sheep is that they inevitably end up on the sacrificial altar, and Sirinoglu perhaps senses this dynamic and is trying to shield himself from being led to the proverbial altar by initiating the farcical kabuki dance. But what is equally as farcical is the fact that he calls the Armenian Genocide a “fight between friends.” Oh really? I’ll grant you that metaphor, if and only if you grant me the following one. One group of friends were far more numerous and attacked and killed, raped, mutilated, burned, starved to death en masse, threw off cliffs, threw into rivers, torpedoed boats on the sea, the other group of friends, their wives, their children, their parents, sacked their places of worship, converted some to another religion, erased their memory from textbooks, believes them to be parasitic, turned their churches into cattle-houses (well this one somehow all of a sudden makes sense), and is economically trying to choke their other friends, you know, across the border. So basically yes, it was a fight between friends, and lots of toys were broken in the process, so why should we care? We can always buy new toys!